We're a young couple (20-something and 30-something) whose interests include being naked and photography - and a few other things. Everything posted here is original material created by us. 18+ only.

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Another day, another blog shut down… We’re like the Batman of Tumblr. :)

More pics promised this Thursday or Friday!

[yes, eagerlicker is no more :) ]

update: @devotionalsex : Eagerlicker is gone because he repeatedly stole (reposted) images from actual photographers without permission or credit, violating copyright law and Tumblr’s terms of use. We simply told Tumblr that he stole our pictures, and asked moderators to remove the posts. Oh yeah, and also mentioned that he’s a repeat offender with multiple warnings and should be shut down. And they listened. Oopsies. 

Anonymous asked:
I see your photos reposted without your credits all the time now. I'm beginning to recognize you two in photos!!

Send us a link if you see one (doesn’t have to be the original link, just any of the reblogs). That’s all we need to get them taken down. …Jerks.

So sorry we’re a disappearing act. I have a major event coming up in the next month that has taken over most things. But, as Wolf said recently when I whined that we fail… “We don’t fail. We still have sex everywhere all the time. We’re just too lazy to get the camera out!”

It’ll happen… Springtime is gonna be the season of hot tumblr pics. Don’t give up on us!